I was introduced to Aubrey of Redbudsuds a little while ago by a mutual friend who said “I think you two will have a lot in common.” A quick perusal of her website and a phone call later, I felt the same way. Redbudsuds is a fantastic local soap company that makes 4 in 1 shower bars (that’s shampoo, conditioner, shave, and soap). The bars are made with local, recognizable ingredients, all selected for minimal environmental impact and maximum cleansing experience. After reading through the descriptions and peeking at their instagram feed, I purchased a bar of the vegan Kickass Lemongrass and they tossed in a Tiny Suds shoofah set for me to try as well.

The first thing I noticed when I ripped these open was the packaging – recycled, thoughtful, and with a handwritten note from Liz hoping I would enjoy their products! The second thing I noticed was the scent. I strongly prefer unscented items whenever I can because most artificial scents bug me after a while. These soaps are not your average soap. The scents are strong but also unobtrusive. My favorite is the Kickass Lemongrass, and my son liked the Citrus Sunshine (“it smells like the sun!”).
The Tiny Suds set is intended for travel, so I took it with me down to my parents’ for a wedding shower weekend. The second thing I noticed about these soaps is that my mom tried to steal them immediately. The colors are lovely and each of the Tiny Suds has an imprinted graphic redbud leaf. My mom has excellent taste and loved them, and now I have a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift.
The soaps all feel smooth and luxurious. I was brand new to shower bars before this and had no trouble creating enough lather to wash my hair. I have very thick, wavy/curly hair, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, so I went additional conditioner free for my trial with the Sea Clay Rest Day soap. My hair felt great – clean but not stripped.
The weather here has been so wintery that I haven’t had a chance to take these out on the trail, so I did the next best thing – a bathroom “camp shower” after a run at my day job. The Kickass Lemongrass does a wonderful job removing road grit, rain water, and sweat smells, and leaving me feeling more put together than I actually was afterwards.
I’ve shaved with these bars as well and the incorporated plant oils help my skin feel less tight when I inevitably forget to apply lotion.
I will definitely be purchasing these again for my own backpacking trips – they’re safe for backcountry use as long as you don’t dump soapy water directly into your water source. A million thanks, Aubrey, and I’m so excited to be a part of the outdoor entrepreneur world with you!
Disclaimer: I was provided a Tiny Suds set to review and purchased my own shower bar as well. Opinions in this review are 100% my own and my family members.